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Bazaart, a million downloads strong, gets featured on Apple’s AppStore

We believe that everyone has a grain of creativity in them, which can be nurtured and blossom in a supportive and inspiring community. That’s why we launched Bazaart, a beautiful social photo editing app, 6 months ago on iOS. You can create anything with Bazaart, from family collages to the craziest compositions.

Today, we are happy to announce that Apple has recognised Bazaart’s commitment to enhancing people’s creativity and our wonderful community, by promoting it on the AppStore’s main banner in 79 countries.

Bazaart is growing fast, has just hit the million downloads mark, and is now rated #1 in the Photo category on iPad, and #7 on iPhone on the Russian AppStore.

Thanks for joining us on the Bazaart roller coaster!

The Bazaart Team


How to remove the background from a photo? 

This video tutorial shows how to easily do that on your iPhone, with the free app Bazaart.

Bazaart user Gustavo P had some fun with editing this instantly famous group selfie from yesterday’s Oscars of Ellen DeGeneres and friends…

We’re proud to share our first ever intro video. It’s 100% home made, starring Bazaart and our CEO Stas’ fingers. Please share to show everyone how to get Bazaarting :)


Did you already make your Valentine’s card? What?! No? 
Time to Bazaart it :)

Valentine’s Child by James Raven - made with Bazaart.

Love, любовь, Amor, الحب, Amour, אהבה,  ♥

It’s time to celebrate the most important thing in life!

Peek into Bazaart Backgrounds and you’ll find 30 new, beautiful and totally free love themed elements, created by New Zealand artist Vera Lim of 7th Avenue Designs. We also have a special Valentine’s channel.

So what are you waiting for? Create. Discover. Love.